Natasha Zanko & Valeria Tsigelberg

Hobbies: Traveling/Exploring, Jogging, Volleyball, Missionary Trips, Baking
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Place: Niagara Falls, Siberian Forest/Mountains, Africa
Wants to Visit: Greece, Italy, Egypt, France
Favorite Food: Russian and Italian

Hobbies: Reading, baking/cooking, spending time with Jesus
Favorite Book: “If I perish” by Esther Ann Kim
Favorite Place: Savannah, GA
Wants to Visit: Israel and Germany
Favorite Food: Anything chocolate


Dina Matev & Alia Aweis

Hobbies: Physics, Astronomy, Makeup
Favorite Book: When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson
Favorite Place: Lviv, Ukraine or Budapest, Hungary
Wants to Visit: Greece
Favorite Food: Corn, Cucumbers

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and family, Exploring new cities/places, Photography and Design
Favorite Book: Holy Spirit by Michael Koulianos
Favorite Place: Zanzibar Island
Wants to Visit: Israel
Favorite Food: Anything Mediterranean


Vitalina Chizh

Hobbies: Cooking, Painting, Missions Trips
Favorite Book: The Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers
Favorite Place: Hot springs in Mexico
Wants to Visit: Israel
Favorite Food: Smoked Salmon


Ruslana Mayster

Hobbies: Hiking, Beach/Nature Walks, Spending time with friends/family, Traveling
Favorite Book: Too Small to Ignore by Wess Stafford
Favorite Place: Table Rock Mountain, North Carolina
Wants to Visit: Cuba
Favorite Food: Stir fry veggies, Strawberry Pretzel, Mama’s Golubtsi


Darya Bereznyak & Natasha Sushinskaya

Hobbies: Traveling, Gardening, Writing, Eating
Favorite Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
Favorite Place: Behind a waterfall in Iceland, Hot springs in a volcano in Mexico
Wants to Visit: Argentina, Switzerland
Favorite Food:

Hobbies: Traveling, Reading, Sleeping
Favorite Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
Favorite Place: Jinja, Uganda
Wants to Visit: Too many to name
Favorite Food: Peaches, Anything Spicy


Irina Chizh & Katie Degtyarev

Hobbies: Taking walks on the beach, Traveling, Exploring new places, Meeting people
Favorite Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
Favorite Place: Pripyat in Chernobyl, Ukraine
Wants to Visit: Greece, Italy, Bora Bora, South Africa
Favorite Food: Sushi, Seafood, Mom’s Cooking

Hobbies: Traveling/Exploring, Beach, Mountains, Biking, Volleyball
Favorite Book: In the Grip of Grace by Max Lucado
Favorite Place: Thailand, Israel
Wants to Visit: Georgia (Her Motherland)
Favorite Food: Chicken, Cheese, Salad, Hot Cheetos


Olga Krivetskaya

Hobbies: Reading, Working out, Beach
Favorite Book: The Mark fo the Lion Series by Francine Rivers
Favorite Place: El Oro, Honduras
Wants to Visit: Africa, Germany
Favorite Food: Anything at Panera Bread, Chick-fil-A


Alla Vyazovaya

Hobbies: Having deep conversations, Reading, Traveling
Favorite Book: Mere Christianity and The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis
Favorite Place: Amsterdam, Germany
Wants to Visit: Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland
Favorite Food: Burgers, Steak